DIVYA KESARI‘s formula, a combination of herbs and nutrients, helps to improve energy, stamina, vitality and endurance in Men. It is a powerful product to support both performance and sexual desire. Is ideal for any man who has a low libido and sexual desire. Works on nervous system by providing a calming, yet rejuvenating effect as an important ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine as it has been used as an overall tonic and natural aphrodisiac. The herbs used in Divya kesari may increase blood supply to your genital region. It may also help to promote healthy reproductive and sexual function. Balances testosterone levels in your body, they may improve your sex drive and sexual sensation as well. The ingredients in this formula create a dynamic punch for your sexual performance and enjoyment. It’s Support mechanisms include:

Support of the Blood Vessel System Involved in penis Erection Enhance drive and performance, nourishes & strengthens vital organs. This combination of ingredients provides support for your overall sexual and general health. 100% Natural and It does not have any side effects.

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With over 10 years of Research and development, DIVYARATAN gives you all that a man wants from a health supplement. It is a successful and unique formulation of rare and precious herbs that work as Natural HEALTH and SEX enhancer. It has more than 30 natural and superior quality ingredients from the very original roots of the herbs that are nurtured and nourished in an extremely conducive atmosphere. These herbs are enriched with Minerals & Vitamins, Iron, Calcium,Phosphate,Zinc etc.It’s a Natural herbal supplement which not only strengthen your reproductive system but also boost your immunity and gives you complete satisfaction of your sexual urge. It helps in resolving all of your sex related problems and makes your marital life more enjoyable and fulfilled.

5 gm or one teaspoonful to be chewed with cold milk 2 hours before bedtime daily. Do not swallow. (Or as directed by physician).

Drink atleast 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.

It’s a breakthrough formula developed by using “Extraction Technology” basically increases luteinizing hormone (LH) levels in the human body. LH is naturally produced by the pituitary gland that plays a significant role in stimulating testosterone production in. Studies have proven that a good level of LH helps improve your sex life from within safely. The product contents are responsible for increase in blood flow through the penile veins (Private part vein) and stimulates your libido. It is also responsible for hard erection and long delayed ejaculation. Some of the ingredients of this product are helpful in boosting your immunity as well. It does not have any side effects.

Should undertake light exercise and walking on daily basis for at least 1 hour.
Do not go for sexual act immediately after meals, there should be gap of at least 2 hrs between the two. Keep in mind that you can perform well in the bed if you possess a healthy and disease-free body. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption which results in low libido and decreased blood flow to sex organ.


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